Proteoform Scientific and industry-leading CRO, PhenoSwitch Bioscience have joined forces.
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We create bold proteomics sample prep solutions that empower researchers to achieve the best possible mass spec results and research outcomes.

Reimagine sample preparation.

A dual-stage spin cartridge designed to provide clean samples with as much yield as possible, the ProTrap XG facilitates an innovative protein precipitation approach, eliminating the tedious manual pipetting steps and many of the other challenges associated with traditional methods.

It is changing the world of protein sample preparation.

Our protein precipitation protocols combined with the ProTrap XG deliver purity, yield, and the highly consistent samples, needed to get the best results from your downstream mass spectrometry analysis.

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Precipitation with a pinch of salt

The workflow begins; an extraction, a purification step, maybe even some trypsin, then off to the mass spectrometry lab. But when the results finally come back, the data are, shall we say, beneath your expectations. But why?

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