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Purity. Yield. Simple.

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Reimagine Sample Prep for Top-Down and Bottom-up Proteomics

Proteoform Scientific is empowering researchers with new technology to simplify protein sample preparation in both top-down and bottom-up proteomics.

The ProTrap XG is a disposable cartridge that provides fast, reproducible, and robust results. It solves one of the biggest challenges in proteomics research, throughput.  The ProTrap XG helps proteomics researchers gain important workflow efficiencies so that new prevention, diagnosis, and treatment solutions for precision medicine can reach patients faster.

Proteoform Scientific is a member of the following industry associations:

American Society for Mass Spectrometry

Human Proteome Organization


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Business Development Manager – We are seeking a full-time Business Development Manager to join our team.  To learn more about this unique opportunity in the growing proteomics sector click here.

The ProTrap XG

No matter how sensitive your mass spectrometer is, optimal characterization is only achieved by working with the purest sample and the highest recovery of all proteins. Alternative strategies for sample preparation can be either inconsistent, time consuming, or inherently complicated. And unfortunately, in many cases, sample purity is sacrificed at the expense of protein yield.

What’s more, protein precipitation is a widely used method of purifying proteins but has a reputation for being technically challenging, leading to inconsistent results.

The ProTrap XG eliminates the guesswork of sample prep, facilitating protein precipitation while obtaining exceptional protein recovery and purity. Simply add your protein, precipitate, and spin.

PTXG User Guide 202003 Rev 4 1

If you have technical questions when using the ProTrap XG reach out to our Science Team.


ProTrap XG provides the cleanest protein samples.

  • Sample prep matters. Optimal protein characterization means working with the purest sample.
  • Contaminants such as salts, lipids, and detergents must be removed prior to LC/MS.
  • Other products and techniques have variable success, often failing to reach the required purity.
  • Solvent precipitation isolates proteins from all contaminants but is difficult to perform consistently.
  • The ProTrap XG makes precipitation efficient and reliable. Just add solvent and spin.
  • The ProTrap XG purifies protein samples to below 10 ppm SDS (the threshold for optimal MS analysis).
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You won't see what's not there.

  • Sample prep matters. Optimal characterization relies on total recovery of all proteins.
  • High purity is often obtained at the expense of protein recovery.
  • Competing products and techniques have variable yields or result in significant sample loss.
  • Using proper conditions, greater than 95% of all proteins precipitate in organic solvent.
  • High recovery once relied on the individual’s expertise. The ProTrap XG eliminates the technical challenges of precipitation.
  • Following precipitation, proteins are solubilized in the ProTrap XG with MS compatible solvents, allowing further manipulation and analysis.
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Purify. Concentrate. Digest. Separate. All with one device.

  • Sample prep matters. Consistent preparation methods are essential in obtaining optimal MS data.
  • The ProTrap XG achieves high purity and high recovery, while conveniently offering:
    • Speed. Precipitation occurs in minutes, with short spins to recover the protein.
    • Consistency. Contaminants are efficiently removed, eliminating the need for careful pipetting.
    • Scalability. Single-use cartridges operate in a conventional bench-top centrifuge.
    • Versatility. The 2-stage SPE cartridge facilitates subsequent separation and purification.
    • With the ProTrap XG, sample prep is effective, consistent and simple.
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