Bringing the ProTrap XG to life

Knowing that precipitation can easily be used for reliable recovery, I also wanted to make it simple. I envisioned a device where protein solution, containing all their impurities, combined with organic solvent, and with the push of a button, purified protein is separated from the solvent. I assumed we could buy some type of device to do just that but quickly realized no such tool had yet been made. So I made one.

US HUPO Webinar

In case you missed us during the US HUPO 2020 virtual annual meeting, you can catch up on our team’s presentation on streamlining bottom-up protein sample prep here.

Journal of Mass Spectrometry

Special Feature Perspective: Developing front‐end devices for improved sample preparation in MS‐based proteome analysis Alan A. Doucette Jessica L. Nickerson

See you at ABRF 2020

Come see us at Booth 320! Association for Biomolecular Resource Facilities Annual Meeting Our team is excited to be participating in ABRF 2020 for the first time next week in Palm Springs. We look forward to connecting with core facility professionals to introduce the ProTrap XG, the newest sample prep tool.