We’ve put a new spin on a classic sample prep technique with over 100 years of history, precipitation. Proteoform Scientific has created a solution that combines innovative protein precipitation protocols with the ProTrap XG tool to deliver high purity, high yield, and highly consistent samples, ideal for downstream mass spectrometry analysis.

In protein analysis, it is well recognized that mass spectrometry data is only as good as the samples used. Highly pure samples yield better outcomes and promote longevity in instrument life span.

With sample preparation playing such a critical role in both top-down and bottom-up protein analysis workflows, Proteoform Scientific is committed to answering the unmet needs in generating high purity samples.

Conventional Precipitation vs. Our Precipitation Strategy

Time-consuming (overnight)
Highly variable
Not easy
Limited dynamic range
Not amenable to low proteins

Proteoform Scientific
Smooth and clean
As little as 2 minutes
Highly reproducible with quantitative accuracy
Easy-to-use device
Methods yielding broad dynamic range owing to dedicated research
Works at all protein amounts and concentrations

ProTrap XG vs. Other Methods

Our R&D team evaluated other sample prep methods on the market alongside the ProTrap XG and presented their findings at HUPO 2019. To read our full side-by-side competitive review, click here



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