Download Bottom-Up Workflow Protocols (PDF)

Protein Precipitation in Acetone Protocol

Reagents required in this protocol: sodium chloride, acetone

  • Screw a Plug onto the base of the Filtration Cartridge.
  • If your sample contains no sodium chloride, add NaCl to give a final concentration of 20 to 100 mM.
  • Transfer 100 µL of the salted protein to the plugged Filtration Cartridge.
  • Add 400 µL room temperature acetone.
  • Cap the Filtration Cartridge and rock gently to combine the solvents.
  • Insert the Filtration Cartridge in the Microcentrifuge Tube, allow 30 minutes for the protein to fully aggregate at room temperature.
  • With Plug attached, centrifuge at 2500 ×g (5000 rpm) ×2 minutes.
  • Remove Filtration Cartridge from the Microcentrifuge Tube, invert, and unscrew the Plug.
  • Return the capped Filtration Cartridge to the Microcentrifuge Tube and centrifuge at 350 ×g (2000 rpm) ×5 minutes. Discard the flow through solvent.
  • Wash the protein pellet with 400 µL acetone. Immediately centrifuge at 350 ×g (2000 rpm) ×2 minutes. Discard the flow through wash solvent.
  • Proceed immediately to the Protein Digestion Protocol.

Protein Digestion Protocol

Reagents required in this protocol: 8M Urea, 100 m M Tris pH 8.0, Reducing agent (e.g. 200 mM DTT or TCEP or alternate), alkylating reagent (e.g. 200 mM iodoacetamide or alternate), Trypsin, 10% trifluoroacetic acid (TFA)

  • With Plug attached, add 100 µL 8 M urea to a precipitated sample.
  • Cap the Filtration Cartridge, vortex 30 seconds, and then sonicate an additional 10 minutes. Let sit at room temperature for an additional 30 minutes.
  • Add 400 µL of 100 mM Tris buffer (pH 8), cap and vortex briefly to mix.
  • Optional: Reduce/alkylate disulfide bonds as per standard protocols (e.g. dithiothreitol (DTT)/iodoacetamide).
  • Add tryspin at 50:1 (protein: enzyme by mass). Cap the device, incubate in a warm water bath as per conventional solution digestion (e.g. 37°C, 1 hour to overnight).
  • Stop the reaction by acidifying with trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) (final 1%).
  • Peptides may be recovered by centrifuging (Plug removed, 2500 ×g (5000 rpm) ×5 minutes), or subject to OPTIONAL SPE cleanup with the SPE Cartridge accessory (available in some trial packs).

Download Bottom-Up Workflow protocols (PDF)