E-store & Sales Partners

For customers in North America and select international markets contact us for a quote or browse through our e-store offerings below.
We work with leading distribution and sales partners around the globe. For pricing and quotes on the ProTrap XG in your region contact one of our partners. Our distribution network is growing, if you are interested in adding our products to your catalog please contact us at sales@proteoform.com to learn more.


MS Wil
P: +31 492745710
E: sales@mswil.com



accurate mass scientific

Accurate Mass Scientific
P: +1 300 833 972
E: info@accuratems.com


Western US


Western United States

P: +1 425 241 1177
E: sales@bioficity.com


What’s included in ProTrap XG packs?

We sell the ProTrap XG in quantities of 10, 50 and 100. Each pack size contains the corresponding number of the following interchangeable components for your workflows:

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